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Affordable Gym Sneakers - A must share!

I’ll be honest, going to the gym sucks sometimes. It can suck even more if you’re just starting or you could be getting back into hitting the weights. I’m in that boat, getting back into the gym. I used to feel pretty good working out but, my goodness, I am not prepared.

When I signed up for the gym, the worker goes, “Girl, go get yourself a cute outfit to help with your confidence and get your ass back here!” I freaking loved it. That is the kind of encouragement I needed.

The biggest thing for me when working out IS feeling good when I walk through the doors BUT it needs to be on a budget. I want to help you look good on a dime. I have done a lot of reading and research when it comes to finding the perfect gym shoe on a budget. I will give you options depending on your workout style, fashion and gym wise.

#1 Feethit Womens Running Shoes

I personally would take these in every color. The perfect gym show in under $40!

#2 SDolphin Womens Workout Running Shoe

These are super similar to the the #1 but has more support for walking!

#3 ZGR Womens Canvas Sneakers High Top

If you are a converse girlie, these are the perfect shoes for you. Under $25? Heck yes.

#4 Adidas Originals Women's Swift Run Shoes

If you love name brand items, here is the perfect one for you and under $50. I am obsessed with the peach color.

#5 Skechers Women's D'Lites Fresh Start

How could you not want to buy these? You would look so fly.

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